Sunday, March 26, 2017

Discovery Through Repetition

"Satisfaction lies in mindful repetition, the discovery of endless richness in subtle variations on familiar themes."
~ George B. Leonard ~

Working in a series offers me an express route to become intimately acquainted with a particular subject better than any other method I know. By painting the same thing multiple times, using varied surfaces, palettes, sizes, viewpoints and even different media, I find that I while I do develop a bit of muscle memory for the subject, I also learn nuances of it that I might not otherwise discover. Over the past year I've been working on a variety of series and with each one, I feel that not only am I becoming more comfortable with each subject, but it's also nice to have cohesive bodies of work with a unified theme.

My most recent series, "It's A Dog's Life", focuses on our dog, Frylie. These paintings feature him in his favorite surroundings, playing outdoors enjoying nature and living life to the fullest. Fry reminds me to cherish each moment and really live, not just exist. So I wanted to try and capture his spontaneity and enthusiasm, as well as the joy his companionship brings.

© Tammy Kaufman - "It's A Dog's Life"
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Another related series is "You Gotta Have Soul", which focuses on close-up portraits of Fry along with our cat, Venus, in addition to our previous dog, Spyder, who crossed the Rainbow Bridge back in 2010. There is so much expression and personality in their faces, and this series focuses on the intrinsic uniqueness of their individual postures and expressions as opposed to standard typical portrait poses.

© Tammy Kaufman - "You Gotta Have Soul"
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The beauty of the natural world never fails to captivate me, and visiting the waterfalls of Hanging Rock State Park and painting on location there awakened a deep part of my artistic soul. So doing a series on the incredible life force of waterfalls, "Moving Waters", was inevitable. Interestingly enough, after seeing the impressive falls at the park, I began to notice the smaller, but equally impressive in their own way, little waterfalls in the creeks and streams here in the Triangle as well. Mother Nature's wonders truly do never cease for me.

© Tammy Kaufman - "Moving Waters"
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And finally, the initial series that started this whole thing for me is "Of Life and Death", a series I've written about previously which centers on vultures but places them among wildflowers and lush plant growth. In this series, I want to show that death (the vultures, who devour death by consuming the remains of carcasses) and life (the wildflowers and lush plants) are essentially just two sides of the same coin.

© Tammy Kaufman - "Of Life and Death"
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All these series are continuing works in progress as I'm certain to be adding more to each of them as time goes by. I feel there is much to learn from periodically focusing on a theme or particular subject, even if the series paintings themselves are interspersed between other works and not all painted in a single stretch. In fact, I find it even more beneficial to me to come back to a series after working on something else for a while. I often discover that having several series in progress is a wonderful method for grounding myself and offering inspiration when the dreaded artist's slump makes an appearance.

Saturday, January 7, 2017

And Now For Something Completely Different...

Video courtesy of Steve, this is my little inspiration, Frylie, enjoying the first snow of 2017. :-)

Saturday, December 31, 2016

Art @ The Clayton Center - December 2016

My interview at Clayton Visual Arts begins at approximately 5:23 into the video. :-)

Saturday, December 10, 2016

Clayton Visual Arts December 2016

A brief excerpt from the "Ask The Artist" portion of the opening reception at Clayton Visual Arts.

Saturday, September 3, 2016

Happy International Vulture Awareness Day!

In honor and celebration of these incredibly important and magnificent animals, Happy International Vulture Awareness Day!

© 2016 Tammy Kaufman

Meet the Artist

Save The Dates!

Monday, September 12 and Sunday, September 18, 2016

I'm delighted to be a featured artist with the Wake County Library System for the month of September as we explore the beauty of the North Carolina landscape. It would be an honor to have you join me for presentations at two of our local libraries, including live painting demonstrations and the opportunity to ask questions about interpreting the local landscape with pastels.

© 2016 Tammy Kaufman - Ethereal Dance - soft pastels on Sennelier La Carte Pastel Card 19.5" x 25.5"
  • On Monday, September 12, from 11 a.m. until noon, I'll be at the East Regional Library at 946 Steeple Square Court in Knightdale.
  • On Sunday, September 18, from 2 - 3 p.m., I'll be at the new Northeast Regional Library at 14401 Green Elm Lane in Raleigh (Wakefield).

As part of this program, I'm honored to have my pastel landscape paintings on exhibit in both these lovely libraries throughout the month of September.

© 2016 Tammy Kaufman - Fugue - soft pastels on Sennelier La Carte Pastel Card 9" x 12"
© 2016 Tammy Kaufman - More Than Words Can Tell - soft pastels on Ampersand PastelBord 12" x 16"
Twelve works are in the lobby display cabinet at the Northeast Regional Library in Raleigh (Wakefield), and 12 works are hanging along the main back wall at the East Regional Library in Knightdale. Inspired by the uniquely beautiful North Carolina landscape, these paintings range from 4x6 to 18x24 inches in size, are all framed under glass and wired for easy hanging, and will be offered at special "Meet the Artist" adoption fees between 35 and 425 dollars, with the profits going to animal charities. I look forward to your visit!

Saturday, August 6, 2016

On Keeping a Sense of Wonder

As far as the art world goes, I'm still a relative newbie, having only begun painting three years ago this past June. But I hope I never lose that sense of magic watching a blank surface transform into my visual impression of a moment in time and space, and realizing I did it with my own hands, using mere sticks of pure pigment on a piece of paper or board.
Maybe that's a silly thought, or perhaps just my beginner ego talking, I don't claim to know. But I do believe sometimes you just need to be your own best cheerleader...
This little collage revisits only a few of the many places I've painted so far this year that bring my spirit particular solace from the emotional storms in today's too often troubled world. I hope these scenes bring you peace, and perhaps even a smile, as well.

© 2016 Tammy Kaufman