Saturday, August 6, 2016

On Keeping a Sense of Wonder

As far as the art world goes, I'm still a relative newbie, having only begun painting three years ago this past June. But I hope I never lose that sense of magic watching a blank surface transform into my visual impression of a moment in time and space, and realizing I did it with my own hands, using mere sticks of pure pigment on a piece of paper or board.
Maybe that's a silly thought, or perhaps just my beginner ego talking, I don't claim to know. But I do believe sometimes you just need to be your own best cheerleader...
This little collage revisits only a few of the many places I've painted so far this year that bring my spirit particular solace from the emotional storms in today's too often troubled world. I hope these scenes bring you peace, and perhaps even a smile, as well.

© 2016 Tammy Kaufman