Sunday, March 22, 2015

What's Cooking

Let's face it, pastels are expensive, and my budget is limited. So, while I do try to save enough money whenever I can to buy the very best artist quality pastels I can, obviously I can't afford to buy every set I want. What I can do, though, is avoid waste. In that vein, I save my pastel "dust" and chips that have become too small to use, and today I figured I had enough "scraps" to make my own custom colors with them. Granted, they are not the buttery soft creaminess found in the professionally handmade sticks, but they seem to work well enough and blend fairly easily. I love that they're uniquely greyed colors as they're born from a combination of whatever dust falls onto my easel ledge, and I feel good about the fact that nothing is going to waste. :-)
My homemade pastel colors, as tested on Uart 600 sanded paper

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  1. Good thinking! Artists have always tried and found different ways to make the best use of their materials. Sounds like a great solution!