Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Why The Little Birds?

If you've looked closely - or even not that closely - at my landscape paintings, you may have noticed that many of them contain those little dark "V" and "M" shapes often used by children in their drawings to represent birds. And you may have wondered why an adult would put such amateurish marks into a painting. My answer lies in personal symbolic meaning. These "birds" represent to me, in their simplistic appearance, an opportunity to rise above what may try to hold me down - sorrow, fear, pain, lack of confidence, grief, insecurity, all the things that say "you can't" - and they remind me that though this life may feel lonely and discouraging at times, my guardian angel "beginner birds" are always here encouraging me to set my inner child's spirit free, ever whispering "you can".
© 2016 Tammy Kaufman - Pensato - soft pastels on Gessoed Masonite 8" x 10"


  1. I think the birds look fine. They are subtle, and the viewer gets to discover them. they add a nice secondary focal point to the painting.

  2. Thank you Jessica! I greatly appreciate your kind comment.